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Aug 2, 2017
-- Company's Prestwick, Scotland, nacelle service center achieves AS9110 Rev C. certification
Jul 27, 2017
-- New DuraTherm® propeller de-icer enhances aircraft operational efficiency through uniform heat distribution and resistance to foreign object damage
Jul 5, 2017
- Companies announce collaboration to co-develop laser air data systems
Jun 21, 2017
- UTC Aerospace Systems announces new wheels and brakes selections with five airlines: Alaska, Southwest, easyJet, Icelandair and Lufthansa
Jun 21, 2017
UTC Aerospace Systems' Composite Centre of Excellence is delivering lighter weight, low maintenance components for actuation systems onboard large commercial aircraft
Jun 21, 2017
- New primer performed as well or better than existing chromate primers on landing gear in laboratory testing and is currently in field evaluation.
Jun 21, 2017
The innovation behind lighter planes, creating cleaner skies
Jun 20, 2017
- UTC Aerospace Systems brakes, with proprietary DURACARB® carbon heat sink material, have a mean time between overhaul that's three to four times longer than the F-15's existing equipment
Jun 20, 2017
NP2000 Propeller System is offering improved performance and lower operating costs for U.S. and Foreign operators
Jun 19, 2017
Meeting customer needs through greater alignment of technical development programs
Jun 19, 2017
- UTC Aerospace Systems Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) has been used on 151 NASA spacewalks in support of International Space Station assembly and maintenance, including historic 200th walk on May 12
Jun 12, 2017
- Tablet technology puts improved real-time trajectory decision-making ability into pilots' hands
May 5, 2017
Advanced integrated systems help China's first large commercial jetliner take flight
Apr 25, 2017
- Comprehensive agreement to result in $1 million investment from UTAS over 5 years
Apr 12, 2017
- MS-177 successfully completes first flight test on Global Hawk.
Apr 3, 2017
- Hull-mounted acoustic array will enable submarines to develop detailed tactical pictures that will help them perform their full array of missions
Mar 2, 2017
- Following a wide-ranging assessment, UTC Aerospace Systems AID was selected as the preferred platform due to its data processing performance, advanced network security features, ability to host embedded applications and reliability.
Feb 7, 2017
- Quality Products and Quality Employees are Enabling Aircraft Today to be More Intelligent, More Electric and More Integrated