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UTC Aerospace Systems Media Day // June 6, 2016

Fact Sheet: Corporate Fact Sheet, PDF Download

Biography: David Gitlin, President, UTC Aerospace Systems - PDF Download

Biography: Ajay Agrawal, Vice President, Aftermarket - PDF Download

Biography: Tim White, President, Electric Systems - PDF Download

Biography: Geoff Hunt, Vice President, Engineering - PDF Download

Biography: Mauro Atalla, Vice President, Engineering & Technology, Sensors & Integrated Systems - PDF Download

Biography: Stacey MacNeil, Vice President, Communications - PDF Download

Presentation: David Gitlin, The Sky is the Limit - PDF Download

Presentation: Ajay Agrawal, Customers Above All Else - PDF Download

Presentation: Geoff Hunt, Innovating for the Future - PDF Download

Presentation: Tim White, More Electric Architecture - PDF Download

Presentation: Mauro Atalla, More Intelligent Aircraft - PDF Download

Photo:  The UTC Aerospace Systems Customer Response Center in Windsor Locks, CT, USA is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by experienced customer support engineers and logistics specialists, providing customers with an around-the-clock-resource to help resolve technical problems and get aircraft back in the air as quickly and efficiently as possible - JPG (5.8MB)

Photo: UTC Aerospace Systems Electric Aircraft Brakes replace traditional hydraulic actuators with electric brake actuators and electric brake actuator controllers. These advanced systems include built-in test capability for continuous monitoring of the system condition - JPG (5.5MB)

Photo: Boeing 787 Dreamliner Nacelle System. UTC Aerospace Systems nacelle systems include the structure commonly referred to as engine cowling, and also encompass other components such as the inlet cowl, fan cowl, thrust reverser, core cowl and exhaust system. They are capable of making aircraft more environmentally friendly through increased fuel efficiency and significantly reduced engine noise - JPG (4.2MB)

Photo: UTC Aerospace Systems Ram Air Turbines are at the heart of an aircraft emergency power system. In extremely rare instances when airplanes lose power, the ram air turbine deploys from the airplane's wing or fuselage and rotates to extract sufficient power from the airstream to control and land the aircraft - JPG (4.0MB)

Photos: The UTC Aerospace Systems Advanced Icing Wind Tunnel (AIWT) in Burnsville, MN, USA. The AIWT is capable of simulating air speeds up to Mach 0.9, air temperature down to -76°F and altitudes up to 47,000 feet. The extreme testing environment of the AIWT enables UTC Aerospace Systems to develop its sensor product portfolio for improved performance in the most demanding environmental conditions - JPG (2.4MB), JPG (2.3MB), JPG (SmartProbe® Air Data System, 300KB)